All About "Be You."

Be You. focuses on producing natural skin care products made by Greensboro, NC Best Esthetician. We research the benefits of each ingredient we use and carefully put them together to ultimately come up with a product that is beneficial to not only what is on the outside but also what is on the inside. We believe that energy can be transferred, so we ensure that each product is made with love, gratitude and positive intentions. We use natural ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store.

The owner and CEO chose Be You. as the name because at one point in her life she found herself trying to be someone else and ultimately lost who she was. Thankfully she was able to get back to her truest self and love who she is today now and forever, and she wants to encourage others to be themselves at all times. She placed emphasis on the "." at the end of the name, because BEing YOUrself is all that is and should be required of you, nothing more and nothing less.

A percentage of our proceeds will go to Success Ultd. which is a Non-Profit organization that teaches parents how to be their childs first teacher and also teaches children how to be successful in school and in life. Their efforts to keep the kids of their community off the streets have not gone unnoticed.